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Process & Materials

All pieces in the NVMBR DCMBR collection are personally designed and handmade in Austin, TX. Recycled metals and sustainable materials are used whenever possible. Design and materials are chosen based on how the piece will move and interact with the body. All pieces are free of nickel and other potential allergens or irritants. 

Metal Information & Care

General Care & Best Practices

I'll be the first one to admit to being lazy about taking off my jewelry. This is one of the reasons I created NVMBR DCMBR - I wanted quality jewelry I could leave on as long as I wanted without worrying about it breaking or having to clean or polish it every day. That being said, everyone's body chemistry is different. Even though NVMBR DCMBR jewelry wears well, it's best to avoid heavy lotions or oils, chlorine, salt water, and other harsh chemicals or abrasives. Restore shine with a soft polishing cloth. When you're not wearing your jewelry, it's best to store it in an airtight bag or container to keep dust and dirt away.

14k Gold Filled

Enjoy the longevity and durability of solid gold without the steep price tag. Unlike gold plating which can wear or flake off and expose the base metal, the gold layer in 14k gold filled is bonded to the surface. 14k gold filled also contains 100x more gold than a plating - 5% gold by weight vs. 0.05% or less. 

Sterling Silver

All silver pieces in the NVMBR DCMBR collection are solid sterling silver and nickel free. Natural oxidation will happen over time but original shine can always be restored with a polishing cloth. 

Gold Vermeil

Gold vermeil is another durable gold alternative. Vermeil is also much thicker than plating and is dictated by strict industry standards. 

Brass & Bronze

Brass and bronze are alloys that will naturally patina over time. If you prefer to keep these metals bright and shiny, clean with mild soap and water or use a mild abrasive such as Bar Keeper's Friend. Be sure to dry thoroughly, as water will encourage tarnish.